25 Random Facts About Me

Hi there! Nice to see you here! I hope all is going well for you all thoughout this pandemic. As for me, I’m doing well. My spring semester finished up a few weeks ago and my summer classes start in June. Currently I’m as they say, “bored in the house and I’m in the house bored.” What better way to try and combat all this boredom than by trying to reignite some of my hobbies, blogging being one of these. I haven’t been very active on my blog and even though I’ve said I would be more active in the past, I’m actually putting in some effort this time around. I’m optimistic that y’all will be seeing much more of me from now on. Anywho, I thought I could start this new period of blogging by doing a quick 25 facts tag. If you happened to want to get to know me a little better beyond my bio, here’s your chance…Read More »