Why You Should Study Abroad ✈️

Everyone talks about how they want to “travel and see the world.” However, the big question is why does everyone want to travel so badly and see the different landscapes and landmarks the world has to offer? I believe for most people, just having the ability to say “I did that!” is enough to encourage them to travel. In today’s social media obsessed society, showing your fans and followers all of the Instagram-worthy photos is another incentive to travel. I believe some people focus too much on how other people will react to their travels that they don’t realize how much travelling can positively effect themselves.

Before studying abroad, I had wanted to travel to Ireland for about 6 years. My laptop and Google backgrounds were even images of the Irish countryside. I dreamed about standing in that exact spot but never thought I would actually get the chance. I had learned about the Honors College at Valdosta State during my senior year of high school through some friends. I was in accepted into Honors my freshmen year at VSU and was excited to see the experiences I would gain from being in Honors. A requirement to graduate from the Honors program is a global experience so the school provides a study abroad trip especially for Honors students to meet this requirement. I’m sure you can guess where the study abroad trip was. If you haven’t caught on, it was Ireland!! I was so excited to learn about this opportunity and I had to take it. I had the time and funds so I didn’t hesitate to decide to apply for the trip my first semester of school. So, during the summer of 2018, myself and about 15 other students hopped on a plane to Ireland. After two flights and a stop in Amsterdam, we finally arrived and I got to take my first step on the Emerald Isle, my dream destination. I took a deep breath of the Irish air and was eager to see the experiences that awaited me for the next two weeks. 


I loved every second of this trip and it would take way too long, definitely longer than this post, to cover it all. Instead of listing everything I was able to see and do, I want to talk about what I learned from the trip and what studying abroad in general can teach you.

1. History

There’s a difference between reading about historical events in a textbook and standing in the exact spot those same events took place. We stayed in Waterford which is where the Vikings landed in 914, making it the oldest city in Ireland. Our first day, we were given a tour and learned about the history of the Vikings and the founding on Waterford. Sometimes it can be hard to imagine historical events actually happening but standing in Waterford with old stone walls and towers everywhere you turn helps make it feel that much more real. You have to step back from reality in order to see the history that is hidden right in front of you.

2. Food

Some places in the world may present a cuisine that is completely different from your own. Ireland isn’t that different however they do one thing very well; beef and dairy. I’m no stranger to beef or diary but the quality of these items in Ireland is far beyond that of America’s. You may can get Kerrygold butter in Walmart in the States, but trying the fresh butter right there in Ireland is quite the experience. I also ate more burgers than I’d like to admit but that beef was delectable. Don’t be afraid to try new things if their cuisine is different but remember to try the familiar items as well because they may not be a familiar as you think. By the way, Irish Fanta tastes completely different so if you ever get the chance to try it, do it!

3. New Perspective

Most of us don’t notice the details of our own culture as we go throughout our normal routines but being submersed in a different culture can help you to see your own in a new light. In general, there wasn’t a big difference between the Irish culture I saw and the culture I experience back home. One culture difference that I experienced was the timing of dinner. One night, a small group of students ventured into town to have some dinner. It was about 6:30pm so we thought nothing of it since this is a normal time to eat dinner in the U.S. We chose a restaurant and sat down but were quickly informed that the kitchen would be closing soon. Apparently around 7pm a lot of kitchens begin to close and restaurants focus on serving only alcohol. What an Irish thing to do, right? The staff was very nice and allowed us to still order our food quickly and we enjoyed our meal. This custom is definitely different from the majority of America and I even thought that it was a bit odd because of what I’m use to. I later realized that little experiences like this can help you to see that although cultures may be different, one culture isn’t right or wrong. You just have to see it from a new perspective.

4. Connections

Studying abroad can allow you to make connections on a global scale. You may meet your new best friend who was hiding half way around the world. Although I didn’t personally make any lasting connections with someone from Ireland, I made connections with those I went on the trip with. Living together in a new foreign place for two weeks definitely brings people together and can lead to new relationships. I still talk to some of the people I travelled with almost two years later. We all attended the same school and might have even passed each other on the way to class, but I didn’t know any of these other students before we left and now I consider a few of them my friends. Opportunities to connect and form relationships like this are irreplaceable.

5. Personal Development

If I had to choose one of the biggest effects that studying abroad had on me, it would be how I personally developed over course of the trip. Just two weeks in another country helped to develop and strengthen certain skills I lacked beforehand. The entire four hour ride to the airport, I was extremely nervous and I kept asking my parents to turn around and take me home. I didn’t know how I was going to spend two weeks that far from my family with complete strangers. My parents kept reassuring that I would be okay and pushed me right into the security check line with a few hugs goodbye. I calmed down after a while and hopped on the plane. We stayed in groups most of the time but one day I decided to do something that was adventurous, for me at least. Nobody was heading into town but I wanted to explore some more so I grabbed my bag and walked right into town all on my own. Waterford was a pretty safe town so I wasn’t in much danger being alone. I was surprisingly very calm as I walked through the town center and wandered in and out of shops. I even found a secret mall and I wouldn’t have found being in a group. It was a neat discovery. Reflecting on that day, I’m still in disbelief that I actually went out on my own and it’s a small feat that I’m very proud of. This trip helped me to see that the world isn’t as scary as I make it out to be sometimes and has help my social skills as well. Developing my personal skills the way I did on this trip is something I would never replace.

There are so many more benefits that come from studying abroad (don’t forget about the course credit) but it all depends on you and what you allow yourself to get out of your experience. I was able to grow as a person and to gain global experience from my trip and I hope you do the same.

Enjoy some more complimentary photos:

The 20 Apps I Use the Most

How do you spend your free time? I know that I don’t spend the down time I do have as efficiently as I should. I usually waste it on my phone going from app to app to see what they have to offer. No regrets. I was interested to see the exact numbers of what apps I use the most and how long I really use them for. I pulled up my Screen Time from the last 7 days and the numbers really didn’t shock me but they might shock you. Here they are:

  1. YouTube (13h 49m): I usually watch Good Mythical Morning in the morning while I’m getting ready for school, Hi5 Studios (Team Edge, Dope or Nope, Rekt, etc.) at night, and a lot more in between. I’m actually surprised this number isn’t bigger.
  2. Facebook (5h 24m): If I’m being honest, this is mostly me sharing cute dog videos with my friends.
  3. Safari (3h 18m): *typing* “Is college really worth it?”
  4. iFunny (3h 9m): I have to distract myself from schoolwork somehow…
  5. Snapchat (2h 1m): This is probably from me taking 20 selfies with various filters that I’ll never post.
  6. Calculator (1h 43m): What? I’m an accounting major!
  7. Pinterest (1h 27m): I am actually surprised this number isn’t way bigger because I am on Pinterest ALL the time….mainly pinning Shawn Mendes pics but there are some life hacks in there too.
  8. Photos (1h 27m): This is when I go back to find a really cute pic of my cat to show to my coworkers.
  9. Messages (1h 17m): I have no idea if this number is actually big or not.
  10. Instagram (1h 16m): *scrolling* *heart* *scrolling* OMG SHAWN MENDES IN CALVIN KLEINS!
  11. Camera (1h 14m): Taking pictures of my cat…
  12. Wattpad (1h 12m): Reading whatever…
  13. Music (57m): Like Pinterest, I’m surprised this isn’t a bigger number. I am constantly listening to music and ruining my hearing forever.
  14. Notes (37m): This is mainly shopping lists from my mom.
  15. Happy Color (34m): I can waste a lot of time on this…
  16. Outlook (33m): This is when I’m begging my professors for mercy.
  17. Spotify (25m): Still think this could be a wrong number but okay…
  18. Twitter (24m): I really only go on twitter to keep up with my fave celebs and see what they’re up to so…
  19. GroupMe (23m): When a classmate sends the answers to the homework, I might cry a little.
  20. Settings (23m): Who knows?

So, does my app usage look anything like yours? Some of these numbers surprised me but not because I thought they were too big but because they seemed too small. That’s probably worse if we’re being honest. I know I need to start using my free time on more constructive things but I’m getting there! Slowly. Very very slowly. Stop looking at me like that! You know you do it too! Thank you so so much for stopping by and good luck with life!

Later taters! 🥔✌🏻      – Kayla xx


What’s in My (Book) Bag?

Hiya! I’m so glad you decided to stop by. So…you clicked on this post…which means you’re somewhat curious to find out what I keep in my bag, my book bag at that. If you weren’t aware, I am a student and being a student means lugging around a book bag with anything and everything you need in it…usually. There are some people who may just carry around a notebook and a pen or maybe just a laptop but that’s not how I roll. I mean, do you really expect me to walk ALLLLL the way back to my car that’s parked on another planet just to grab something I need. If you do, too bad, because I’m not. That’s why I throw anything I can possibly think of that I may need in my book bag. So, here’s a big ole list of all the stuff I keep in my bookbag while at school:


Essentials Kit
This is a recent addition to my book bag. A few weeks ago, I had a girl ask me if I had a charger she could borrow. I happened to have one but it made me think about making a kit with little stuff like chargers or mints in it. All of my classes are off of main campus which means there’s no convenient bookstore to go buy emergency essentials if I need anything. I made a list of stuff I could possibly need + a few items that may seem a bit excessive but hey…I got em! So here’s my essentials kit that makes me feel like I have my life slightly more together than I really do…

  1. Makeup bag- This bag perfectly fits inside my front pouch and was big enough to hold all of my crap stuff. img_3628
  2. “Tech Queen” Set- I originally bought this set at Rue 21 I think. I’ve lost some things and added some to it but now it includes a charger with 3 different ends, a charger box, headphones (I added the adapter), and a phone stand.
  3. Facial Spray- I got this facial spray in the February SinglesSwag box (ps. Go check out my last post February SinglesSwag Box ❣️ *wink wink*). Sometimes ya just need to spritz your face with a little rejuvenating spray to make you look slightly more awake.
  4. Tissues- For when your seasonal allergies hit you.
  5. Feminine Products- For when Aunt Flow comes for a surprise visit.
  6. Body Spray- I have a fear of smelling bad around people so when my body spray wears off after an hour, I have a backup.
  7. Deodorant- Sometimes you’re in a hurry to get ready and forget to put on some deodorant but I’m prepared for that.
  8. Dry Shampoo- Do I look like I have time to wash my hair every night? Doesn’t matter…I don’t. This is for those days.
  9. Wipes- I have spilled an entire Sprite on myself (that’s what I get for trying to cheat) so I figure wipes could be helpful in “sticky” situations.
  10. Cotton Swabs- I actually don’t know why I would need these at school but I’ll find a use one day.
  11. Lint Roller- I like to give my cat (btw I’m a dog person…but I still love my cat) a nice big hug before I leave for the day and she usually leaves me a lot of little black hairs on my shirt. Sometimes I get to school before I see it so my lint roller has my back.
  12. First-Aid Kit- For the times you get a blister from vigorously scribbling down notes and need a band-aid.
  13. Breath Strips- Because that garlic bagel looked delicious.
  14. Floss- Because you tried to be healthier with a salad and now you have lettuce stuck in your teeth.
  15. Medicine- One of the few things I have actually used already and I am very thankful that I had some.
  16. Tide Mini- Because that Italian dressing dripped on your favorite shirt.
  17. Hand Sanitizer- For when you blow your nose but don’t feel like getting up and losing your seat.
  18. Mani/Pedi Kit- I actually don’t know why I have this in here but it was just sitting in my bathroom useless so why not? I also have some extra hair ties and bobby pins in here.                  img_3633

Peep the case because I would cry if anything happened to my baby.


I recently bought this document holder for two reasons:
1. It keeps my planner’s rings from tangling with my notebooks
2. My stickers have a home instead of floating around my book bag


Notebooks and Pens
The usual stuff…


As an accounting major, I would probably die without a basic calculator for exams and homework. I also keep my old TI-83 around just in case.


I usually keep a bar or two on me for breaks between classes.




So ^^^ that’s everything I keep in my bookbag to stay prepared for whatever life may throw at me (while I’m at school anyway). Hopefully you saw something you want to start keeping in your bag to be more prepared. Thank you so so much for dropping by. It’s been nice having you. You should totally come back again some other time and see how life’s treating me. Until then…

Later taters! 🥔✌🏻      – Kayla xx



February SinglesSwag Box ❣️

Well hi there! I hope life is great and is treating you well. Life is going alright for me and is full of school and procrastination. Anywho, I thought I’d take a minute to tell you about one of my fave gifts I received for Christmas…a SinglesSwag subscription. If you haven’t heard of SinglesSwag (which I think is kinda impossible because I see their ads everywhere…also this is in no way an ad…but I wish it was lol) it’s a cute and fun subscription box meant for the single gals out there. I’m very much single and very much lack “swag” so I guess this box was meant for me. Subscription services are always a fun thing to get because it’s a little surprise every month. I’ve had a few in the past and I’ve enjoyed them. The one thing about subscriptions, though, is that you’re potentially wasting money on products you won’t use……..butttttt maybe you’ll get something awesome opossum. I try not to think too much about it and just enjoy the surprise. So, if you’re thinking about getting SinglesSwag or are just curious about what they offer, here are the items I got in the February box…

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert:


~ I’m not the biggest reader but I will definitely add this to my stack of ‘Stuff I Might Read Someday’ ~

Rutz In Your Face Multi-Tasking Facial Mist:


~ I actually use a rose face mist every day. I honestly don’t think it does a whole lot but I have a temporary ‘fresh’ feeling that keeps me using it. I have used this spray a few times and it smells a little herbally (that’s the best description I got) so I think I’ll stick with my rose placebo spray ~

Gemelli Pave Heart Gold Necklace:


~ I go through jewelry phases where I wear the same few pieces for a while then I’ll switch it up a little. I have another necklace I’m wearing at the moment but I will add this lovely heart to the queue ~

Prato Belli Italian Biscotti:


~ Would I go out and buy these with my own money? No. Would I inhale the whole bag if someone gave me some because they are very tasty? Yes. ~

Naobay Recovery Mask:


~ I haven’t used this yet but I think the wooden cap is a nice touch…..Kayla with only the highest quality reviews 😉 ~

Jules Kae Darla Snake Coin Purse: 


~ I don’t use coin purses but I can definitely find a good purpose for this heart. Looks like a good place to store hair ties and bobby pins to me ~

Give Them Lala Highlighter:


~ I don’t wear a whole lot of makeup so I couldn’t really tell you if this is good or not. Maybe one day I’ll attempt to do a full face of makeup and put this baby to use ~

Bonus Snack: Skinny Dipped Almonds – Dark Chocolate Cocoa:


~ I like almonds…I LOVE dark chocolate…I think I’ll enjoy these as a quick snack between classes ~


I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek at the February SinglesSwag box. I realize I’m not the best at reviewing items, if you can even call this a review, but I guess that’s just another thing to add to my list of stuff to get better at. I hope life is great and you live it to the fullest. If you’re a student, I have a special message: If your education is going anything like mine you are taking the first exams of the semester and you are already overwhelmed with 100 assignments. I want to let you know that YOU GOT THIS! Take a deep breath and knock out those assignments due tonight. Don’t get lazy though! Keep up with your assignments and do a little at a time. USE A PLANNER! Stay organized and don’t give up. I know you are questioning changing your major or dropping out all together but you can totally do this. I believe in youuuuuuu! Go out there and kick school’s butt!! xx

 Later taters! 🥔✌🏻      – Kayla xx

Forming New Habits

Well hello again. I said I would be back to write more often this year…so far so good. I wanted to take a minute to write about habits. I mentioned that I feel 2019 is going to be “my year” because I have more specified goals with plans to execute them. Many of my goals are to form good habits that will help me be more organized, feel better, etc. They say that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. I don’t know if that works in every case but we’re gonna believe it for math’s sake. If there are 52 weeks in a year and you divide that by the 3 weeks to form a habit, then you should be able to form about 17 new habits in a year, right? This might be true, assuming that the whole 3 weeks thing is legitimate and you form one habit after another successfully. I doubt I will come close to 17 habits so I’m not going to even stress myself out over it. My goal for 2019 is to form 10 new GOOD habits. I’m focusing more on the quality of my habits than the quantity of them. I want them to last. If I reach the end of 2019 having only formed 7 habits that are making positive changes in my life, then I still accomplished my goal. I’ve realized that I have tried tackling too many habits at once making it hard to establish them. I need to focus on one at a time. My plan is to make a list of habits I want to form then put them in order of importance to me. I will then tackle one by one. Also, say two of my goals are to get more sleep and read a book at night. Sleep is way more important (at least to me) so I would focus on that goal. However, while I’m focusing on my sleep habit, I can also start reading books but I WON’T stress over it if I miss a day or two because that’s not the habit I’m working on. I’m hoping this logic makes sense and will work. I am nowhere near a habit expert (obviously) but all I can do is try it out and see. Either I form new habits or I’m back to where I am now. Also, I’m starting off the year with 10 habit goals but if during the year I encounter a new habit I would like to form and there’s one on my list I don’t, then no biggie! I’ll just do a little switcheroo. 2019 is about more productivity and less stress. Anyway, here’s my list for you to enjoy and for future reference (now I can’t use “losing my list” as an excuse ;)) :

  1. Exercise (I know this is the most cliché thing to want to start doing in a new year but I still need to do it)
  2. Discover and establish a skin care routine (I have Keratosis Pilaris and I would love to find a routine that would finally help with this)
  3. Drink more water (again…cliché…need to do it)
  4. Stop biting my nails (I have done this for as long as I can remember. I have tried to  stop in the past but it obviously didn’t work or I wouldn’t be dealing with it now)
  5. Floss (okay another common one…but I’m tired of sensitive gums and blood everywhere)
  6. Use my planner (I have a nice planner that every few weeks I will add one task to. I want to actually start using my planner to plan my life so I can be a little more productive)
  7. Clean more (my plan here is to clean something everyday even if it’s picking up one shirt off my floor…I already know this won’t happen everyday but I can dream right?)
  8. Daily devotion (I want to either start or end my day with some words of wisdom whether it be scripture or lifestyle or both)
  9. One positive thing a day (I want to start either telling myself {at least} one good thing about myself or complimenting others every day. I want to put a smile on someone’s face and some days it might need to be my own :))
  10. Read more books (I’m the worst reader on the planet. I try to read books and I have so many on a shelf collecting dust. I don’t know why I suck so bad at it haha. I want to try to read a little more {voluntarily anyway})

I hope you all have awesome obstacles you’re tackling in 2019 to better yourselves and I wish you the best of luck!!!

Later taters! 🥔✌🏻      – Kayla xx

Hello 2019!

Hi everyone! Sooooooo I may or may not have lied in my last post saying that I was ‘back’. That post may or may no­t have been 3 months ago so think what you will. The Fall 2018 semester started off great but ended up a little rough. I was anxiously awaiting the end. I finally finished and have been enjoying this glorious break. It’s the new year and I’ll be heading back to school in a few weeks (yay :/ ), however, I want to reflect on 2018 some. 2018 served as a year for learning for me. Of course I went to school everyday but I also did A LOT of self-reflecting. I realized that I am so far from the person I want to be and only I can change that. I finally told myself (out loud) that I am a lazy person and procastinate but I want to try and fix that. I have many goals for 2019. Many of these are the same ones from the past few years but this year will be different. I have a plan. I realized I needed more specific goals and that’s exactly what I made. Never have I felt more confident that a year would be ‘my year’. It just feels different. Even my friends and family are feeling more confident about their changes in 2019 and this positivity is helping me keep my eye on my goals. I can’t wait to see what 2019 has to offer and of course I’ll document my journey on here (as best as I can anyway).

Some things I’ve done since I last posted:

I went to the beach and released the mermaid within…

I voted for the first time…


I celebrated Thanksgiving with my best bud Red who I only see once a year…


We celebrated Christmas with Sammi for the first time…


I celebrated my 20th birthday…

I attended my school’s semi-championship football game. They won and then went on to become the NCAA DII champs!!…



I got my first pair of New Balances and I love them!…


I did 12 days of socks on my Instagram. You should go check it out!…


I went to see Christmas lights for the first time with my best friend and we almost froze our butts off…

I put a funny holiday animal filter on my cat because why not…


And finally, my cousin was the cutest Spiderman you have ever seen (of course I got him this awesome gift that ended up being his favorite)…



Thanks for stopping by these few times in 2018! I hope 2019 is even better!!!

Later taters! 🥔✌🏻      – Kayla xx

The Last 10 Photos on My Phone

Well hello again. These past few weeks have been a little crazy. School went from syllabus week to first exams super fast. I have honestly been winging the past month of my life just trying to get through the next assignment that is due. Writing definitely fell to the bottom of my list but I’m back! I want to take a break from anything school related and talk about something fun and random. I thought it would be fun to show you some of the more recent photos on my phone. The photos on someone’s phone can say a lot about a person. I don’t really know what my photos say about me…but here they are…enjoy I guess!

So of course I have some pics of my kitten, Sammi, because I am constantly trying to snap good pictures of her. However, because she’s a literal blackhole, taking good photos of her can be a challenge.

I like to bug my family and make their lives more interesting. Enjoy this photo of a lego man head I placed in my Nanny’s hair.


I took this after attending an event on campus. This is actually a rare image because I never do anything social.


I mean…of course I have a good quality Marvel meme at the ready. It’s accurate.


If you didn’t know…I am OBSESSED with Niall Horan. I have loved him for about 6 years now. He’s obviously the best member of One Direction (If you disagree, I am prepared to fight). It was his 25th birthday on September 13th so go give him so belated birthday love.


So my newest obsession and I’m pretty sure the love of my life is the one and only Shawn Mendes. Do I really need to explain myself? I mean…boy got a voice like an angel and just look at his face.

My favorite actor is Chris Pratt. Pinterest knows what kind of content to suggest to me but sometimes they make mistakes. You had one job.


This is just a page out of my accounting book. I don’t know what I have gotten myself into.


…well that was fun. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed taking a quick dive into my world. I’m not sure if it was relatable or embarrasing or maybe both. I might wait a little while and see what ten new photos I end up with. Thanks for stopping by and giving this a read! Later taters! 🥔✌🏻      – Kayla xx








1 Week Down

So…the first week of the semester is officially complete. It was definitely one heck of a week. It was full of new faces, shopping (for books), and syllabuses (or syllabi…I have no idea). I’m still trying to figure out how to work around my new schedule. I’m mostly trying to figure out when to eat lunch because that is obviously the priority. I have seemed to luck out with great professors and discounted books…what more could you ask for? I’m using the techniques I discovered last semester in the beginning this go around to make my life a little less stressful. Some things I learned during the spring:

  1. I am not very likely to create study material outside of class. I started creating digital note cards through Quizlet while in class (you gotta watch out for those tech-hating professors though!) This was much more effective and when it was time to study outside of class, I already had the cards ready and could just…well…study.
  2. If the professor provides their lectures (such as PowerPoint) it is way easier to take notes by printing the lecture out before hand. That way I can skip writing the points they already have and just add anything new they say. You know when a professor tells you not to worry about writing everything down but just focus on the main points? Yeah…I’m the person who writes EVERYTHING down anyway. My hand doesn’t cramp as much after this method.
  3. Do any and all extra credit they may give you. Even if you are a decent student, things happen, and that paper you wrote the third week could save your grade.
  4. If there are student assistants, don’t be afraid to ask them for help. That’s why they’re there. I (as most people) can feel embarrassed asking other people for help. I realized that they know how you are feeling (they are of course students too) and probably feel proud of themselves when they are able to help someone else. Your grade will thank you for asking.

Getting through school is all about learning the best ways that YOU can work efficiently. Most of us have a life outside of school whether it be work, clubs/sports, or even enough sleep so we have to use our time wisely. I have high hopes that I will actually use my planner this semester to make better use of my time. We’ll see how that goes. If you’re currently in school, I want to say good luck and you can do it. Thanks for giving this a read! Later taters! 🥔✌🏻      – Kayla xx

It’s Already August?!

Well hello there. This is my first post on this new blog of mine. I’ve decided to jump right into the content because all the deets are in the About page. It’s already August. How?! I just took my spring finals. I am just two short days away from starting my third semester in college. It’s crazy to compare where I am now to this time last year. I was heavily stressing, reading every college tip in existence, and buying way too much stationar-. Wait, I did that again this year. It’s a serious probelm. I decided to stay home for college and go to the university in my hometown so I had my mom right there to support me like she has always been. I seriously would not have made it through my first semester without her. Not having to move was one big college stresser that I didn’t have to deal with and I’m so thankful for that. I wanted to make sure I was COMPLETELY ready for class when it started. I went around and found my classrooms, bought all my books, and also read about my professors to have an idea of what I was getting myself into. Actually, Ratemyprofessor.com is a lifesaver. It could be the difference between a manageable course or 5 months of tears. One year later, I have only gathered the essentials: new notebooks and a planner (I actually think I’m going to be organized and write everything down…man I’m funny). I’m feeling much more confident coming into this semester having these past two under my belt. The trick to school is finding the best techniques to help you learn and last semester I found my special formula. I’m actually excited to start off this new semester with a fresh perspective and apply what I’ve learned during this past year. I’ll probably change my mind a few weeks in when I have 20 assignments due. I’ll stay positive for now. Thanks for stopping by and giving this a read. Later taters!! 🥔✌🏻     – Kayla xx