The 20 Apps I Use the Most

How do you spend your free time? I know that I don’t spend the down time I do have as efficiently as I should. I usually waste it on my phone going from app to app to see what they have to offer. No regrets. I was interested to see the exact numbers of what apps I use the most and how long I really use them for. I pulled up my Screen Time from the last 7 days and the numbers really didn’t shock me but they might shock you. Here they are:

  1. YouTube (13h 49m): I usually watch Good Mythical Morning in the morning while I’m getting ready for school, Hi5 Studios (Team Edge, Dope or Nope, Rekt, etc.) at night, and a lot more in between. I’m actually surprised this number isn’t bigger.
  2. Facebook (5h 24m): If I’m being honest, this is mostly me sharing cute dog videos with my friends.
  3. Safari (3h 18m): *typing* “Is college really worth it?”
  4. iFunny (3h 9m): I have to distract myself from schoolwork somehow…
  5. Snapchat (2h 1m): This is probably from me taking 20 selfies with various filters that I’ll never post.
  6. Calculator (1h 43m): What? I’m an accounting major!
  7. Pinterest (1h 27m): I am actually surprised this number isn’t way bigger because I am on Pinterest ALL the time….mainly pinning Shawn Mendes pics but there are some life hacks in there too.
  8. Photos (1h 27m): This is when I go back to find a really cute pic of my cat to show to my coworkers.
  9. Messages (1h 17m): I have no idea if this number is actually big or not.
  10. Instagram (1h 16m): *scrolling* *heart* *scrolling* OMG SHAWN MENDES IN CALVIN KLEINS!
  11. Camera (1h 14m): Taking pictures of my cat…
  12. Wattpad (1h 12m): Reading whatever…
  13. Music (57m): Like Pinterest, I’m surprised this isn’t a bigger number. I am constantly listening to music and ruining my hearing forever.
  14. Notes (37m): This is mainly shopping lists from my mom.
  15. Happy Color (34m): I can waste a lot of time on this…
  16. Outlook (33m): This is when I’m begging my professors for mercy.
  17. Spotify (25m): Still think this could be a wrong number but okay…
  18. Twitter (24m): I really only go on twitter to keep up with my fave celebs and see what they’re up to so…
  19. GroupMe (23m): When a classmate sends the answers to the homework, I might cry a little.
  20. Settings (23m): Who knows?

So, does my app usage look anything like yours? Some of these numbers surprised me but not because I thought they were too big but because they seemed too small. That’s probably worse if we’re being honest. I know I need to start using my free time on more constructive things but I’m getting there! Slowly. Very very slowly. Stop looking at me like that! You know you do it too! Thank you so so much for stopping by and good luck with life!

Later taters! 🥔✌🏻      – Kayla xx


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