What’s in My (Book) Bag?

Hiya! I’m so glad you decided to stop by. So…you clicked on this post…which means you’re somewhat curious to find out what I keep in my bag, my book bag at that. If you weren’t aware, I am a student and being a student means lugging around a book bag with anything and everything you need in it…usually. There are some people who may just carry around a notebook and a pen or maybe just a laptop but that’s not how I roll. I mean, do you really expect me to walk ALLLLL the way back to my car that’s parked on another planet just to grab something I need. If you do, too bad, because I’m not. That’s why I throw anything I can possibly think of that I may need in my book bag. So, here’s a big ole list of all the stuff I keep in my bookbag while at school:


Essentials Kit
This is a recent addition to my book bag. A few weeks ago, I had a girl ask me if I had a charger she could borrow. I happened to have one but it made me think about making a kit with little stuff like chargers or mints in it. All of my classes are off of main campus which means there’s no convenient bookstore to go buy emergency essentials if I need anything. I made a list of stuff I could possibly need + a few items that may seem a bit excessive but hey…I got em! So here’s my essentials kit that makes me feel like I have my life slightly more together than I really do…

  1. Makeup bag- This bag perfectly fits inside my front pouch and was big enough to hold all of my crap stuff. img_3628
  2. “Tech Queen” Set- I originally bought this set at Rue 21 I think. I’ve lost some things and added some to it but now it includes a charger with 3 different ends, a charger box, headphones (I added the adapter), and a phone stand.
  3. Facial Spray- I got this facial spray in the February SinglesSwag box (ps. Go check out my last post February SinglesSwag Box ❣️ *wink wink*). Sometimes ya just need to spritz your face with a little rejuvenating spray to make you look slightly more awake.
  4. Tissues- For when your seasonal allergies hit you.
  5. Feminine Products- For when Aunt Flow comes for a surprise visit.
  6. Body Spray- I have a fear of smelling bad around people so when my body spray wears off after an hour, I have a backup.
  7. Deodorant- Sometimes you’re in a hurry to get ready and forget to put on some deodorant but I’m prepared for that.
  8. Dry Shampoo- Do I look like I have time to wash my hair every night? Doesn’t matter…I don’t. This is for those days.
  9. Wipes- I have spilled an entire Sprite on myself (that’s what I get for trying to cheat) so I figure wipes could be helpful in “sticky” situations.
  10. Cotton Swabs- I actually don’t know why I would need these at school but I’ll find a use one day.
  11. Lint Roller- I like to give my cat (btw I’m a dog person…but I still love my cat) a nice big hug before I leave for the day and she usually leaves me a lot of little black hairs on my shirt. Sometimes I get to school before I see it so my lint roller has my back.
  12. First-Aid Kit- For the times you get a blister from vigorously scribbling down notes and need a band-aid.
  13. Breath Strips- Because that garlic bagel looked delicious.
  14. Floss- Because you tried to be healthier with a salad and now you have lettuce stuck in your teeth.
  15. Medicine- One of the few things I have actually used already and I am very thankful that I had some.
  16. Tide Mini- Because that Italian dressing dripped on your favorite shirt.
  17. Hand Sanitizer- For when you blow your nose but don’t feel like getting up and losing your seat.
  18. Mani/Pedi Kit- I actually don’t know why I have this in here but it was just sitting in my bathroom useless so why not? I also have some extra hair ties and bobby pins in here.                  img_3633

Peep the case because I would cry if anything happened to my baby.


I recently bought this document holder for two reasons:
1. It keeps my planner’s rings from tangling with my notebooks
2. My stickers have a home instead of floating around my book bag


Notebooks and Pens
The usual stuff…


As an accounting major, I would probably die without a basic calculator for exams and homework. I also keep my old TI-83 around just in case.


I usually keep a bar or two on me for breaks between classes.




So ^^^ that’s everything I keep in my bookbag to stay prepared for whatever life may throw at me (while I’m at school anyway). Hopefully you saw something you want to start keeping in your bag to be more prepared. Thank you so so much for dropping by. It’s been nice having you. You should totally come back again some other time and see how life’s treating me. Until then…

Later taters! 🥔✌🏻      – Kayla xx



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