February SinglesSwag Box ❣️

Well hi there! I hope life is great and is treating you well. Life is going alright for me and is full of school and procrastination. Anywho, I thought I’d take a minute to tell you about one of my fave gifts I received for Christmas…a SinglesSwag subscription. If you haven’t heard of SinglesSwag (which I think is kinda impossible because I see their ads everywhere…also this is in no way an ad…but I wish it was lol) it’s a cute and fun subscription box meant for the single gals out there. I’m very much single and very much lack “swag” so I guess this box was meant for me. Subscription services are always a fun thing to get because it’s a little surprise every month. I’ve had a few in the past and I’ve enjoyed them. The one thing about subscriptions, though, is that you’re potentially wasting money on products you won’t use……..butttttt maybe you’ll get something awesome opossum. I try not to think too much about it and just enjoy the surprise. So, if you’re thinking about getting SinglesSwag or are just curious about what they offer, here are the items I got in the February box…

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert:


~ I’m not the biggest reader but I will definitely add this to my stack of ‘Stuff I Might Read Someday’ ~

Rutz In Your Face Multi-Tasking Facial Mist:


~ I actually use a rose face mist every day. I honestly don’t think it does a whole lot but I have a temporary ‘fresh’ feeling that keeps me using it. I have used this spray a few times and it smells a little herbally (that’s the best description I got) so I think I’ll stick with my rose placebo spray ~

Gemelli Pave Heart Gold Necklace:


~ I go through jewelry phases where I wear the same few pieces for a while then I’ll switch it up a little. I have another necklace I’m wearing at the moment but I will add this lovely heart to the queue ~

Prato Belli Italian Biscotti:


~ Would I go out and buy these with my own money? No. Would I inhale the whole bag if someone gave me some because they are very tasty? Yes. ~

Naobay Recovery Mask:


~ I haven’t used this yet but I think the wooden cap is a nice touch…..Kayla with only the highest quality reviews 😉 ~

Jules Kae Darla Snake Coin Purse: 


~ I don’t use coin purses but I can definitely find a good purpose for this heart. Looks like a good place to store hair ties and bobby pins to me ~

Give Them Lala Highlighter:


~ I don’t wear a whole lot of makeup so I couldn’t really tell you if this is good or not. Maybe one day I’ll attempt to do a full face of makeup and put this baby to use ~

Bonus Snack: Skinny Dipped Almonds – Dark Chocolate Cocoa:


~ I like almonds…I LOVE dark chocolate…I think I’ll enjoy these as a quick snack between classes ~


I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek at the February SinglesSwag box. I realize I’m not the best at reviewing items, if you can even call this a review, but I guess that’s just another thing to add to my list of stuff to get better at. I hope life is great and you live it to the fullest. If you’re a student, I have a special message: If your education is going anything like mine you are taking the first exams of the semester and you are already overwhelmed with 100 assignments. I want to let you know that YOU GOT THIS! Take a deep breath and knock out those assignments due tonight. Don’t get lazy though! Keep up with your assignments and do a little at a time. USE A PLANNER! Stay organized and don’t give up. I know you are questioning changing your major or dropping out all together but you can totally do this. I believe in youuuuuuu! Go out there and kick school’s butt!! xx

 Later taters! 🥔✌🏻      – Kayla xx

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