How to Find and Apply for Scholarships

Ah, yes…college. They say it’s supposed to be one of the best times in your life. While they’re not wrong and I’ve had a lot of fun while in college, let’s not forget the main purpose of going to school…getting a higher education. Do you know what getting a higher education costs? Well, mostly my sanity, but also lots and lots of money. Like every dime you have to your name x100. According to Forbes, Americans owe a whopping $1.6 trillion dollars in student debt collectively. I don’t know about you but I would prefer to lower that number, even just a little bit. Obviously, saving money is your best bet to ensure you have the funds to avoid student debt, however, there are countless scholarships that are offered by the government, schools, organizations, and individuals. I have avoided student loans, so far, in my 3 years of college. I can thank several scholarships and my savings from my part-time job for that. I have a bit of experience when it comes to finding scholarships and I want to share my knowledge with you.Read More »

What I Miss from High School

During this unconventional graduation season, I’ve been reflecting on my memories from high school. It’s been 3 years since I graduated even though it feels like a few months ago. College has flown by and I’m already in my senior year which is insane. When I was still high school, I tried to listen to all the advice given to me. I knew the end was coming soon and tried to enjoy it to the best of my ability. While all my classmates were ecstatic to graduate and get out of those walls, I was afraid to leave the comfort I knew within those walls. However, the end came and I was forced to start a new chapter of my life. Read More »

25 Random Facts About Me

Hi there! Nice to see you here! I hope all is going well for you all thoughout this pandemic. As for me, I’m doing well. My spring semester finished up a few weeks ago and my summer classes start in June. Currently I’m as they say, “bored in the house and I’m in the house bored.” What better way to try and combat all this boredom than by trying to reignite some of my hobbies, blogging being one of these. I haven’t been very active on my blog and even though I’ve said I would be more active in the past, I’m actually putting in some effort this time around. I’m optimistic that y’all will be seeing much more of me from now on. Anywho, I thought I could start this new period of blogging by doing a quick 25 facts tag. If you happened to want to get to know me a little better beyond my bio, here’s your chance…Read More »

Why You Should Study Abroad ✈️

Everyone talks about how they want to “travel and see the world.” However, the big question is why does everyone want to travel so badly and see the different landscapes and landmarks the world has to offer? I believe for most people, just having the ability to say “I did that!” is enough to encourage them to travel. In today’s social media obsessed society, showing your fans and followers all of the Instagram-worthy photos is another incentive to travel. I believe some people focus too much on how other people will react to their travels that they don’t realize how much traveling can positively effect themselves.Read More »

The 20 Apps I Use the Most

How do you spend your free time? I know that I don’t spend the down time I do have as efficiently as I should. I usually waste it on my phone going from app to app to see what they have to offer. No regrets. I was interested to see the exact numbers of what apps I use the most and how long I really use them for. I pulled up my Screen Time from the last 7 days and the numbers really didn’t shock me but they might shock you. Here they are:Read More »

What’s in My (Book) Bag?

Hiya! I’m so glad you decided to stop by. So…you clicked on this post…which means you’re somewhat curious to find out what I keep in my bag, my book bag at that. If you weren’t aware, I am a student and being a student means lugging around a book bag with anything and everything you need in it…usually. There are some people who may just carry around a notebook and a pen or maybe just a laptop but that’s not how I roll. I mean, do you really expect me to walk ALLLLL the way back to my car that’s parked on another planet just to grab something I need. If you do, too bad, because I’m not. That’s why I throw anything I can possibly think of that I may need in my book bag. So, here’s a big ole list of all the stuff I keep in my bookbag while at school:Read More »

February SinglesSwag Box ❣️

Well hi there! I hope life is great and is treating you well. Life is going alright for me and is full of school and procrastination. Anywho, I thought I’d take a minute to tell you about one of my fave gifts I received for Christmas…a SinglesSwag subscription. If you haven’t heard of SinglesSwag (which I think is kinda impossible because I see their ads everywhere…also this is in no way an ad…but I wish it was lol) it’s a cute and fun subscription box meant for the single gals out there. I’m very much single and very much lack “swag” so I guess this box was meant for me. Subscription services are always a fun thing to get because it’s a little surprise every month. I’ve had a few in the past and I’ve enjoyed them. The one thing about subscriptions, though, is that you’re potentially wasting money on products you won’t use……..butttttt maybe you’ll get something awesome opossum. I try not to think too much about it and just enjoy the surprise. So, if you’re thinking about getting SinglesSwag or are just curious about what they offer, here are the items I got in the February box…Read More »

Forming New Habits

Well hello again. I said I would be back to write more often this year…so far so good. I wanted to take a minute to write about habits. I mentioned that I feel 2019 is going to be “my year” because I have more specified goals with plans to execute them. Many of my goals are to form good habits that will help me be more organized, feel better, etc. They say that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. I don’t know if that works in every case but we’re gonna believe it for math’s sake. Read More »